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Upcycled DIY Dog Sweater

By on February 1, 2015

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Many breeds of dogs benefit from the use of a dog sweaters, yet finding sweaters for them can be pricey. Sometimes they are a necessity though to keep dogs warm, and so you’ll love this DIY dog sweater alternative to store-bought sweaters. The greatest part of this project is that you can repurpose all your old sweaters in your closet. Upcycling is awesome, and your dog will think so too!

The Basics

Any dogs without fur and many small dog breeds are not equipped to handle the cold. An ideal solution is to make a DIY dog sweater that can be worn outside or in any areas of the house that are cold. If you’re out of old sweaters at your house then you can check out the selection at your local thrift store. Sweaters can also be found at a Goodwill, Salvation Army, garage sales, and eBay. 

The Process

The sweater you choose to make your DIY dog sweater needs to fit your dog comfortably. You do not want a dog to wear a sweater that droops or is too snug. A simple dog sweater can easily be made using sleeves from any old sweater, ideal for small breeds. The most important thing to do is make sure the sleeve of the sweater will fit the body of your dog. The tutorial for this project will guides you through all the steps to get the correct measurements to ensure a good fit for your dog.

The Benefits

Your favorite old sweaters will find a new purpose to keep your dog warm. Meanwhile, you get to show off fido’s new fashion line of sweater gear. It’s a win-win for all! Just make sure to choose sweater fabric that can be washed easily, and is comfortable (non-itchy) on your dog’s skin.

A simple way to make a DIY dog sweater can be found on here…

Upcycled DIY Dog Sweater

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