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Toy Sling Shots DIY – Great For Indoor Fun!

By on January 9, 2016

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toy sling shots

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Young kids will typically use their imagination to create their own fun. However, having a few toys for this purpose also helps. There are many types of toys people can easily buy, but making your own toys might be a better option. One idea that is super simple to do is to make toy sling shots.

The difference between a toy sling shot and the real thing is the toy version does not use a rubber band to propel an object. You will use file folder rubber bands for this project. These will allow kids to have lots of fun slinging lightweight objects all over the place.

You can use a lot of materials for the base of toy sling shots. A piece of scrap wood is ideal or you can find sling shot bases to buy. The best part is you can have kids sand the wood and add paint to create a toy that is personalized.

Instructions to make your own toy sling shots for kids are on here…

DIY Toy Sling Shots DIY

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