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    DIY Magnetic Ironing Mat

     Sponsored Link  Certain types of clothes you need to wash and put in the dryer may need to be pressed. A simple iron is the best item for this task. However, an ironing board is also be...

    • Posted July 8, 2015
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  • laundry-basket-dresser
    DIY Laundry Basket Dresser

    Need some extra storage for clothes, linens, toys? If you enjoy working with wood, then you might want to make your own laundry basket dresser. This is an inexpensive alternative to spending a lot of money on...

    • Posted May 28, 2015
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  • Wool-Dryer-Balls-DIY-Tutorial
    Wool Dryer Balls DIY Tutorial

    Wool dryer balls are an eco-friendly alternative to dryer sheets and liquid fabric softener. They are made from 100% wool yarn and are a chemical-free way to soften clothes, increase fluffiness, and even reduce static as the dryer tumbles. The biggest...

    • Posted October 22, 2014
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