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Super Easy Hard Lotion Bars

By on February 10, 2015

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The best way for people to keep their skin moisturized is to use lotion. However, most lotions are often soft or semi-liquid that needs to be in a bottle. There are also other aspects of lotions people do not like for one reason or another. This includes the fragrance, the ingredients, and disappointing results. If you are looking for another alternative, then hard lotion bars may be the answer.

Making a hand lotion at home typically is messy and requires a lot of ingredients. Hard lotion bars will be easy to make as a few basic ingredients is all that you need. One important detail is the use of a mold for your lotion bars. You can use any type of mold to make hard lotion bars into any shape you prefer.

The major element of any hard lotion bars is using ingredients that can produce the best results. The use of beeswax will produce a product with a result that is expected. You will also need to use a pan to heat all the ingredients on your stove. Heat is necessary or you will not be able to produce bars that are hard.

You will need to obtain all the ingredients to make hard lotion bars before you begin. Most ingredients can be found online or you can look to see if any are available at a local health store. Buying the items you need in bulk may be the best option as the cost will be cheaper.

The hard lotion bars you make can be used as a gift or to have when traveling. You can easily make an assortment of lotion bars as a gift for a special occasion. 

Instructions to make hard lotion bars at home are found on here…

Super Easy Hard Lotion Bars

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