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Stamped Bar Leather Bracelet

By on March 3, 2015

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Crafting is an activity that usually involves the use of many different materials and can produce a variety of unique items. The items and creations you can make depend on the materials that are used and the type of result you expect. One option is to create a piece of jewelry. This is something that you can create from any type of leather. A leather bracelet is a simple craft project that you can personalize.

You may not know that leather can be found in many different colors. The best option is to look online for different colors to use for a leather bracelet. Another option is to look in any craft store or hobby store that is in your area. A few tools and materials will be needed for this project.

A leather bracelet will need to have a way to attach to your wrist. This can be done in many ways based on your preference. You can tie your bracelet or use snaps for ease of use. Snaps may be a better option for a leather bracelet as it will be more secure.

Make a list of all the tools you will need for this project to ensure they are available to use when you are ready to start. This includes a grommet kit and a pair of scissors. A stamping kit will also be an item you will need to personalize every bracelet you make. You may want to practice stamping techniques to have your leather bracelet be perfect.

A leather bracelet is an item you can make for yourself or as a gift. This is also an idea as a way to identify young children or even adults at a party. The best thing about this project is a mistake will not be the end of the world as you can simply make another.

Instructions to make your own leather bracelet are found on here…

Stamped Bar Leather Bracelet

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