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Simple Concrete Stepping Stones

By on April 3, 2015

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Most people who want to add stepping stones to a garden have many options available. One option that may be considered is to use pavers that can be found at any local home improvement store. However, a simple stone or clay paver may not have any type of design. If you want something that is custom, then making your own concrete stepping stones is an ideal choice.

A simple mold is all that is necessary to make custom concrete stepping stones for a garden or for another area of your property. Stepping stones are a great way to create a path or walkway if you do not want to have a poured concrete sidewalk. You’ll save money and not have to dig up any area of the yard. Plus, it’s an easy weekend project.

The concrete to use for this project can be found at most hardware stores or home improvement store in your area. You have the option to use a regular concrete or a blend based on your needs and the amount you want to spend. A regular concrete mix may be used or you can use a fast concrete mix when you are ready to make concrete stepping stones.

You have the option to use any type of item as the mold to make concrete stepping stones. One idea for you to consider is to the plastic lids which are used for vegetable trays. This will give you stepping stones that will be round and have a unique pattern to update the look of your landscape.

The concrete stepping stones will need to cure for a few days before being used. The stones may also need to be sealed with a concrete sealer to keep them protected from the elements.

Instructions to make your own concrete stepping stones are found on here…

Simple Concrete Stepping Stones

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