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Recycle Wine Corks Into Beautiful DIY Art

By on February 27, 2015

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Many types of objects found around your home can be used to make various types of crafts. You might be surprised to learn about objects that you can use for craft projects at home. If you drink wine or even like the look of corks, then wine corks are a great item that you can use. The choice of projects you have to do is almost limitless.

People who are throwing out old wine corks are missing out on a unique crafting opportunity. Saving corks from the wine you drink means you do not need to buy corks to complete a craft project. Cork is a material that has many uses and is something that can easily be recycled. If you do not have a supply of wine corks at home, then you need to find some.

The best place to look for used wine corks is at local thrift shops. You can also find used corks at some garage sales or yard sales in your area. If you can find used corks for a craft project, then you can save money by not having to order some online. There are many ways for you to make usable items by using cork from wine bottles.

Thinking of ways to use wine corks for many types of craft projects is not hard. All you need to do is decide if there are any that look interesting. However, there are other things for you to consider. This includes the tools and materials that are necessary for certain types of projects.

Cork is a material that can easily be formed into various shapes. This opens up a lot of possibilities for making unique pieces of art or functional items using old wine corks. However, the use of tools means safety needs to be a priority when working with cork.

A list of ideas for projects using wine corks can be found on here…

Recycle Wine Corks Into Beautiful DIY Art

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