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Outdoor Drink Holder Tutorial

By on February 18, 2015

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Tin cans can be used in more ways than keeping coins or storage for screws, or other items. You have a variety of options available to incorporate a tin can into a simple craft project. Empty soup cans around your home can be used to make an outdoor drink holder. This is a great idea if you want an item that is unique to use as an accessory for a deck or patio.

If you have an empty can of soup or other product that has just been used, then do not throw it away as you can use it for this project. The first thing to do is to wash it out and set it aside. You will then need to set up the work area to make your outdoor drink holder.

A list may be needed for the materials and tools that are necessary. The outdoor drink holder will need to have a new covering for the outside of the can. This can be done by using any type of fabric that you can find at a local fabric store. You can also use scrap pieces of fabric for an outdoor drink holder. Your fabric choice depends on personal preference.

The most important factor to consider when doing this project is the size of the outdoor drink holder to make. Your drink holder should be big enough for the cups or bottles that will be used. This means you may need to use a bigger can for this project. However, you can easily make more than one if you have different size beverage bottles.

A template will be needed for the fabric covering of your new outdoor drink holder. This is easy by reusing the label from the tin can that is being used for this project. However, a ruler is also an option for getting the measurements that are needed.

Instructions to make an outdoor drink holder is found on here…

Outdoor Drink Holder Tutorial

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