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Ornaments | Dip Mix Ornaments

By on November 12, 2014

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Ornaments | Dip Mix


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During the holiday season, there are many creative ornament ideas and we’ve found one that is both incredibly creative and useful! The creative tutorial will show you how to create five distinctive dips with flavors that will be a delightful treat throughout the year. The five dip ornaments include all the dry materials that are needed to create each dip and basic directions can be printed out and attached to each flavor to indicate the remaining ingredients. Each of the dips has a wonderfully distinct flavor (fiesta dip mix, Italian dip mix, bacon dip mix, dill dip mix, and ranch herb dip and dressing mix) and will be a hit at subsequent holiday gatherings.

Find out how to create these tiny, colorful, and tasty dip mix ornaments at here…

Dip Mix Ornaments

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