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One Board Minimalist Chair

By on March 31, 2015

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There is not much that is simpler to set up than a standard folding chair. This is a product that is easy to use both indoors and outdoors. A folding chair is also easy to pack and transport in a vehicle. If you like to work with wood, then a minimalist chair is something you can make to replace a basic plastic folding chair used inside or outside your home.

A minimalist chair is made by using one long board or a two short boards. You may already have wood to use for this project at home or you can look for wood at any home improvement store. This is a chair you can easily use inside your home, on your deck or patio, and when out camping. The most important thing you need to do before building a minimalist chair is make sure you have the proper tools for the project.

The best type of board to use for a minimalist chair is a 1 x 12 that is eight feet long as it will be cut into two four foot pieces. A circular saw will be the best tool to cut the board into two pieces. You will have one board for the back board and the other will be used for the seat.

Marking and measuring will be necessary to cut the board for the seat. You will need a basic chalk line and a standard tape measure. You will the use the circular saw to cut the board for the seat into the shape that is needed for your minimalist chair. The back board needs to have a hole cut that will require using a power drill and a jig saw.

You can then finish your minimalist chair by adding a coat of paint or a stain. Slide the seat into the back board to assemble the chair.

Instructions to make your own minimalist chair are found on here…

One Board Minimalist Chair


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