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No-Sew Quick And Cozy Beanie From An Old Sweater

By on November 19, 2015

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Photo by: AndreasChoic

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The cold of winter often means you may want additional ways to keep warm when you need to go outside. A DIY solution is much better than spending money on expensive outer wear. One option is to make a beanie from an old sweater. This is a great way for you to recycle or upcycle clothing you no longer wear. Making a homemade beanie is really easy and requires no sewing.


Fabric Stick Glue Gun
Fabric Glue


Step 1

Cut along the mid-section of the sweater you want to use for the project. You should have one foot of material that includes the bottom that should be somewhat elastic.

Step 2

Cut along one seam to create one long piece of material. Wrap the material around your head to measure the size and then cut off any excess material.

Step 3

Fold the material to create three layers and then the top to make a rounded shape for your new beanie. Add some glue to seal the rounded edges and let it dry.

Step 4

Turn the beanie right side in and it will be ready to wear.

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