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No-Carve Stamps Tutorial

By on March 28, 2015

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One way to create a specific design on paper or walls in your home is to use stencils. However, you also can use stamps to add a new design element to either. All you need to do is find the stamps you want to use online or at a local craft store. If you do not want to use store bought stamps, then a great option is to make a set of no-carve stamps at home.

Carving a design in wood is generally the most common way to make a regular stamp. This means making these items will require knowing how to carve using a knife or another woodworking tool. Making your own no-carve stamps may be a better option. All you need do is obtain the supplies that are needed.

A local home improvement store will have most of the supplies needed to make no-carve stamps. If the supplies you need cannot be found locally, then you might need to look online. No-carve stamps made at home will require the use of an acrylic caulk. However, you may find this process might take a bit of trial and error until you know how to do it correctly.

The design to use for your no-carve stamps is based on your particular preference. You have the option to draw your own design or use an existing piece of artwork. This means you may need to trace out the basic design you want to use on a separate sheet of paper.

Your no-carve stamps will be ready to use in about 12 hours. The reason is due to having to wait for the caulk to cure. If you try to use the stamps too soon, then the caulk may not take paint correctly or might be completely ruined. Any ruined stamps will need to be remade by starting the project again.

Instructions to make no-carve stamps are found on here…

No-Carve Stamps Tutorial

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