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How To Mount A Photo To Canvas

By on January 23, 2015

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There are many ways to display photos in a home. The most common option is a frame or photo album. However, another option is to mount a photo to canvas. This process will result in a piece of art that is unique and is a great option for a homemade gift. All you need to mount a photo to canvas is the proper materials and about ten minutes.

The materials that you need for this project can be found at a local art supply store. You can also find a variety of options online. The most important thing you need is artist canvas. This is something that can be found at any dollar store. One thing to keep in mind when you want to mount a photo to canvas is that the size of photo and the size of the canvas need to correlate.

Preparation will need to be done before starting this project. You need a clean area to mount a photo to canvas. This can be a dining table, kitchen counter, or other area. Keep in mind that you will be using materials that may get messy.

You will actually be painting on the canvas to mount a photo to canvas. The main reason is you need to add adhesive so that the photo will adhere to the canvas. When the photo is the same size as the canvas, it will present a clean look.

The goal of the project is to not smear the materials when you apply them to your photo. With this in mind, the most important tip for the whole project is to not rush. Rushing may lead to a poor result and force you to start over with a new picture. Although this is a very entertaining project, starting over may lessen the joy!

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How To Mount A Photo To Canvas

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