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Moon Sand Recipe For Kids

By on January 31, 2015

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Fun activities for kids should not require spending a lot of money as many things to play with are easy to make at home. One idea is a homemade play dough, and another is moon sand. Making moon sand is a project that you can finish easily in ten minutes to provide young kids with hours of fascination.

The Benefits

Homemade moon sand is all-natural and is totally gluten-free. One thing that many young kids will do with toys is put them in their mouth. In case your child decides to eat the sand, then you will have no reason to worry about an allergic reaction to grains.

The Process

All you need is three ingredients to make moon sand at home. You can easily find all of the ingredients at a local grocery store. The color of your sand will depend on personal preference as you may apply a variety of colors using natural food coloring.

Mixing the ingredients for your moon sand will require a big mixing bowl. The ingredients may make a fine puff of smoke if they are dumped in the bowl. However, this may seem fascinating to any young child. You can blend the mixture by hand, but this may be a bit messy. Another option is to use a whisk or a fork.

Fun Play

Mixing the ingredients together can easily be done by a young child. You might then discover your moon sand is not the right shade. This is easily corrected by adding more coloring. 

The moon sand will not be too gritty, but it can easily make a mess. You may want to lay out some paper that can be used for easy cleanup.

All the steps to make your own moon sand can be found on here…

Moon Sand Recipe For Kids

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