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How To Make A Password Protected Book

By on February 2, 2015

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Electronic locks can be applied to anything that can open and close. These are typically seen on homes and buildings as a means of security. However, you also can install an electronic lock to many types of items to make them look impressive. This includes a book with a password lock. You can make a password protected book if you know a little bit about electronics.

The Basics

The best type of book to use for this project is one that has clasps. This is not a great idea for any book that is common or is not a hardcover. There are many reasons to make a password protected book. You may first want to learn how electronics work on a small scale before attempting something bigger. Or, you simply may want an awesome book to protect your heirloom recipes, artistic masterpiece drawings, latest inventions, love potions and spells, or to journal of your newest mind-reading ability. 

The Benefits

Working with electronics and making something that works as expected can be fun and gives you a reason to work inside in the warmth of your home. You can make your own password protected book if you really want to show off your electronic skills. A book that requires a password will easily keep anyone from looking at the secret information. The most important part of this project is obtaining all the different parts and pieces that are needed for your password protected book.

The Process

You will need specific tools to make a password protected book. Many of the parts for this project will be made using wood that needs to be precisely cut. This can be done by using a knife or any other cutter to achieve the desired results. The electronic parts for your password protected book will be placed in the inside cover. You will need to hollow out the inside cover by using your knife or cutting tool. One important thing about making a book like this is using a soldering iron.

All the steps to make your own password protected book can be found on here…

How To Make A Password Protected Book

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