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How To Make A Kitty Cubie

By on January 23, 2015

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Pets that are kept in the home often need things to play with to keep them distracted. If you have cats or are thinking about getting new kittens as pets, then some types of toys are a must. One thing you will realize is that some items can cost more than you may be willing to pay. This means another option will be necessary. Cats often like to hide and this means a kitty cubie will be a great item that you can easily make at home.

Many pet stores have various types of kitty cubie options of various sizes. However, they will typically cost at least $25 or more. A more affordable option is to make your own from inexpensive materials. The best aspect about making your own cubie is that you can also create your own design.

You can easily make a kitty cubie at home once you have all the required tools and materials. Some of the materials you will need to acquire include foam padding, fabric material, and scissors. You should also check and see if you have a sewing machine available. If you don’t, then you can still use a needle and thread to get the job done.

When it comes to the padding for this project, the best type to use is egg crate foam made for mattresses. This will provide you with a durable and sturdy kitty cubie. You can find egg crate foam online or at stores that sell bedding accessories.

Finally, scrap fabric is as great material to use for your kitty cubie. One of the best places to find scrap fabrics is at a Goodwill store or other places that have fabric material for sale. Since you will be making six squares (which form the covering for each side of the kitty cubie), you are going to want to find material that you like. If you plan to make two or more cubies, make sure to get enough material to finish the projects.

Complete instructions for this project can be found on here…

How To Make A Kitty Cubie

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