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How To Make DIY Gardening Basket From Pallets

By on February 3, 2015

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Recycling is a great way to save money and to reuse items that would otherwise be sent to a landfill. One great project that requires the use of old pallets is a DIY gardening basket. You may find these baskets in some local antique shops, if your lucky. If you’re not so fortunate, then you can make your own with this tutorial.

The Basics

The best reason to use pallets to make a DIY gardening basket is the material is either free or will have a cost that is inexpensive. If you are looking for some used pallets, then the best place  to check is retail stores where an assortment of broken or old pallets often are discarded. Just make sure to verify that your pallets have not been chemically treated. With this project, you can create one custom (possibly two) gardening baskets by using just one pallet.

The Dangers

Pallets are used as a platform for transporting various goods and products. They are often sprayed with an insecticide or have been heat treated. This means these pallets will not be a good option for a basket that will be kept outside or brought into your home. You will need to look for non-treated pallets if you plan to make a gardening basket.

Basic Tools

You will need a variety of tools before starting any gardening basket project. This will include a jigsaw, a hammer, an electric drill, tape measure, and a T-square. These can be obtained at a home improvement store or local hardware store in your area.

Complete instructions to make a simple gardening basket can be found on here…

How To Make DIY Gardening Basket From Pallets

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