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How To Make Christmas Jam

By on December 13, 2014

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Making festive food gifts for the holidays is one of the best family traditions. It’s so easy to make a variety of things: cookies, candy, popcorn balls, so many great flavors. But, one of the best has to be Christmas jam. Not only is it fun to make, it’s even better to eat! The best part is that you can enjoy Christmas jam year round and not just during the holidays.

In our search for delicious Christmas jam recipes, we’ve come across one that will quickly become a favorite. You will probably want to make a huge batch, so that you’ll have plenty to give as gifts without diminishing your own supply!

Christmas jam is a deliciously versatile jam that is great for the kids on their PB&J sandwiches and the adults love it on toasted English muffins. Truthfully, it’s equally tasty on either one. It’s also a great treat on toast and bagels and goes quite well with cream cheese. Definitely worth the calories! Additionally, during the holiday season, the Christmas jam is a great alternative for family or guests that aren’t crazy about the tartness of regular cranberry sauce.

This Christmas jam recipe has a yummy contrast between tart cranberries and sweet strawberries that go together really well. Additionally, you can use frozen or fresh versions of either ingredient or even a combination of both. The mix of the two contrasting fruits plus pectin and sugar makes an out-of-this-world Christmas jam. The only thing you’ll find better than the Christmas jam is finding out just how easy it is to make.

To get started on making your own batch of Christmas jam, ideal for giving and keeping, visit this fantastic tutorial for a step-by-step recipe link and helpful pictures that just might make your mouth water. You can also use the printable labels to enhance your Christmas jam jars for gift giving.

Find out how to make some delicious Christmas jam at here…

How To Make Christmas Jam

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