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Gentle Facial Cleanser Based On Lush’s ‘Angels On Bare Skin’

By on February 4, 2015

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The use of a soapless cleanser is a great option instead of using cleansers which contain additives and an assortment of chemicals. There are many natural ingredients that are included in this product. One of the well-known products to cleanse the skin is Angels on Bare Skin. However, this can be pricey to buy online or at the Lush retail store. A great alternative is to make your own that comes close to the original.

The Basics

A homemade recipe to make something similar to Angels on Bare Skin is cost-effective and easy to do at home. All you need is a desire to save money and a few minutes of your time. You can easily find all the ingredients for this project online or at a local health and beauty store. Many products made at home will require the use of essential oils. An Angels on Bare Skin copy will be no different.

The Process

All the ingredients to make this homemade cleanser are dry and contain no preservatives. A basic bowl is all that you need to mix the ingredients together. There is no need to bake or heat the ingredients which will mean the Angels on Bare Skin cleanser can be used immediately. You should store your mixture in a container that is water-tight and has a fitted lid. Another option is to divide up the cleanser and put it into some small containers for individual use.

The Application

The best way to use your Angels on Bare Skin cleanser is to mix a pinch with a little bit of water. Apply the wet paste to your face and other areas of your skin. You may find that this cleanser is ideal for many types of skin surfaces. One of the best benefits of using this Angels on Bare Skin Cleanser is your skin is brighter with a look that is silky smooth.

A copycat recipe for Angels on Bare Skin cleanser can be found on here…

Gentle Facial Cleanser Based On Lush’s ‘Angels On Bare Skin’

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