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It’s Called Sugru And It’s An Amazing Moldable Glue That Has So Many DIY Uses

By on July 6, 2015

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Photo by: Dave Hax

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Would you be interested in a product that can be used for a lot of DIY uses around your home? Sugru is a type of putty or moldable glue that dries to the consistency of rubber and is strong and flexible. This means you can use it to fix or repair a lot of things that you might otherwise just throw away.

The best thing about Sugru is it is durable and flexible, waterproof, and can withstand high and low temperatures. You may find this product works better than the application of duct tape for a long-term repair. The product is also safer than most glues that are used to repair plastic, metal, or any other materials often contain toxic chemicals.

Just make sure you wait at least 24 hours for the moldable glue to fully dry.

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