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How To Make Twig Pencils

By on March 5, 2015

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Mechanical pencils are a great product to use at home and at work. However, they may not be suitable if a person is working on projects outside or in a workshop. Mechanical pencils are made of plastic and then leads are easy to break. You also need to refill them with new lead from time to time. If you want a simple pencil that will be easy to use, then consider making your own twig pencils.

You can make twig pencils that are similar to actual wood pencils you can buy at almost any store. However, you will be making your pencils using the lead refills meant for mechanical pencils. The result is a wood pencil that you can use for writing or any DIY project around the home.

You will need only a few basic supplies to complete the project. The body of the your twig pencils will be a twig from a tree that is in your yard (or the yard of a friendly neighbor) yard. All the other supplies can easily be found at a local store that sells school or office supplies. One important detail is the type of lead you want to use. You can have a dark lead, soft lead, or a combination of both for your twig pencils.

A few tools will also be needed to make your twig pencils. The most important is a power drill that has an appropriate sized drill bit. You need to have a drill bit that is at least 3/32 as this will allow your lead to fit inside the twig. Make sure your twigs are straight enough for the pieces of lead.

The twig pencils also make great gifts, as you can use customize the size of the twigs used so they are an easy fit for a small child’s hand, or use a larger twig for an easy-to-grip size for an older adult that may have arthritis of the hands.

Instructions to make your own twig pencils are found on here…

How To Make Twig Pencils

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