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How To Make Scented Pinecones

By on January 6, 2016

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how to make scented pinecones

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Do you enjoy the scents that are common during the winter season? Many stores sell items that include the scent of pine and other aromas. If you want to do something that is DIY, then a great idea will be to learn how to make scented pinecones at home. These are perfect to use as an sir freshener.

Scented pinecones are not hard to make when you use essential oils. These are the key to the scent that is coming from the pinecone. You can use clove, cinnamon and other favorite winter scent. You should also have access to an oven for this project. A microwave can also be used.

The most important part about this project is preparing your pinecones. When you have learned how to make scented pinecones, then you will know preparation is key. The pinecones will need to be washed and baked to remove any debris or unwanted bugs.

Instructions for how to make scented pinecones at home are on here…

How To Make Scented Pinecones At Home

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