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How To Make Roses Out Of Plastic Spoons

By on March 11, 2015

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Plastic is a material that is used to make various types of useful products. You can also make items from plastic material to display as art in your home. One type of plastic that can be used to create many pieces of art is plastic silverware. Any plastic spoons you have left over from a party or may be used to make decorative roses.

This is a fun project you can do anytime of the year. Since the process involves a bit of heat, a cold or rainy day may be the best time to make roses from plastic spoons. You have the option to use some plastic spoons you already have or find a package of spoons that are free or on sale at a local retail store. However, there are a few safety issues to address if you want to make roses from plastic spoons at home.

A source of heat is needed to form the shape of your roses. This can be done by using the flame from a lighter or candle. You may find a simple candle will be the best option for this project. The objective is to slightly melt the plastic without creating fumes.

The fumes created when plastic starts to burn is dangerous to breathe. This means you should not heat plastic spoons in any area that is not sufficiently ventilated. You may also not want to do this project when around young children as they could easily get burned. Melted plastic spoon roses is something only an adult should do.

You do not need to worry about causing damage to your home if you take the proper precautions. Your work area should be covered by newspaper and you may want to have a bottle of water handy. You are likely to make a few mistakes until you master the technique of making roses, but once you master the process you will easily make these roses.

Instructions to make plastic spoon roses at home are found on here…

How To Make Roses Out Of Plastic Spoons

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