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How To Make Recycled Christmas Card Gift Baskets

By on November 25, 2015

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Do you save Christmas cards you get in the mail or awhile to simply throw them out at a later time. Christmas cards are ideal to use to make a DIY gift basket. You can easily make recycled Christmas card gift baskets as a way to recycle or upcycle the card stock. The process is really fun and easy to do.


Printable Template (found here)
Old Christmas cards (2 large and 12 small)
Pencil or Marker
Punch Crafting Needle
Craft Glue
Colored Yarn


Step 1

Print out the template and cut it out with your scissors. You need these to cut the Christmas card to the correct shape. The large Christmas cards are used for the base and the smaller cards are for the sides of the basket.

Step 2

Place the small template on one of your Christmas cards and then trace the shape with a pencil or a marker. Repeat this step for the remaining 11 small Christmas cards. Cut the shape by using the scissors.

Step 3

Trace the shape of the large template on your two large Christmas cards. Cut the shape with the scissors. Glue the two large pieces together with the front facing outwards. Wait for the glue to dry and then punch holes with the punch crafting needle.

Step 4

Glue two of the smaller pieces from step 2 together so the fronts are facing outwards. Wait for the glue to dry and then use your punch crafting needle to make holes around the edges of the glued cards.

Step 4

Thread the yarn on the needle and start making blanket stitches along the edges of the cards from step 3 and step 4. Stitch all the cards together to form the shape of a gift basket.

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