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How To Make Lego Gummy Candy

By on September 17, 2015

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Photo by: Grant Thompson

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Are you interested in making your own candies at home? There are many types of candies that you can make depending on the recipe. One type that is easy to make and that will be really fun is making your own Lego gummy candy.



Making Lego gummy candy is not a difficult process as you only need a few ingredients. Heat is also a crucial part of the process and comes from your stove. If you can make jello, then these candies will be really similar. One thing that is different with the candy making process is the use of a mold. You will need specialized Lego molds.


You can use some old Lego bricks as molds when making Lego gummy candy. There are also a variety of other Lego toys that you can use for molds. The most important part about making this candy is you need to be diligent or you might burn the ingredients and need to start over.


Watch the video below to make lego gummy candy as shown in the photos. Then, if you want to experiment with other flavors – and perhaps add more wholesome ingredients – checkout’s list of recipes for homemade gummies.

37 Recipes To Take Your Lego Gummy Candy To The Next  Level


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