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How To Make Homemade Extracts (Vanilla, Lemon And Almond)

By on November 21, 2014

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More often than not, people prefer to buy their own extract from the supermarket. When inquired about this, customers commonly respond by mentioning that creating their own homemade extract sounds like a convoluted and overly sophisticated process. However, the opposite is true. Homemade extracts are actually quite simple to prepare. Over a longer period of time, they also serve to save money for the especially enthusiastic home chefs.

Before preparing homemade extracts, be sure to have the utensils required. For instance, if you plan on making lemon extract, then you will need: at least half a dozen lemons, a vegetable peeler, alcohol that is preferably the vodka type, and a jar. A small cabinet where the solution will sit for a few weeks is needed as well, so be sure to designate a location that will remain mostly undisturbed for this period of time.

To start, it is essential to wash and dry your lemons thoroughly. This ensures that your extract remains pure, and void of any and all unnecessary filth. Afterwards, using your vegetable peeler, carefully peel each lemon, making sure to avoid removing each lemon’s pith. Fill your jar with about 1 cup of vodka, followed by your now peeled lemon rinds. Seal the jar, and place it in the designated cabin for about one to two months, shaking it every week or so. After at least one month, you may decide for yourself whether or not the extract has reached a suitable level of concentration. This boils down to personal preference, as some people prefer a higher level of concentration in their homemade extracts than others. When satisfied, transfer the solution to another clean jar via the use of a strainer, keeping the rinds behind and leaving you with fresh extract. Keep in a cool place.

The process in which one can create their own homemade extracts is simple, cost effective, and enjoyable. However, lemon extracts are only the beginning! Many home cooks can conjure up their own homemade extracts of any flavor, and vanilla and almond are two of the most popular homemade extracts.

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How To Make Homemade Extracts

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