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How To Make Cookie Cutter Candles

By on March 5, 2015

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Your options for choosing candles for your home is almost limitless. Candles come in various colors, scents, and sizes. However, a selection of shapes is often not an option. One solution is to make cookie cutter candles yourself at home.

The term cookie cutter is often used to describe things that have the same design or are made using the same method. Cookie cutter candles are similar as you will be using actual cookie cutters as a mold for the candles. A few basic materials will be needed to make your cookie cutter candles. Most of the supplies you need can easily be found locally.

You can use a paraffin wax or other type of candle wax, such as beeswax, for this project. It’s easiest to get pastel colors if you start with a white wax is white, as this will be easy to change to another color.  However, a white wax is not absolutely necessary.  Crayons are also needed if you want an assortment of colors for your cookie cutter candles. You can easily find crayons and the wax for this project at a craft store or, many times, at your local dollar store. Most of the other items you need will also be found at most craft stores.

Any type of basic cookie cutters can be used to make these cookie cutter candles. You can use any you have at home or you can buy some specifically for this project. These are easy to find online or they can be found at any supermarket that sells baking supplies. (Or, again, often at your local dollar store.)

The key to making cookie cutter candles at home is to being prepared. This includes having something like wax paper or parchment paper when pouring the melted wax into your molds. If you see that your candles are turning out perfect, then you may want to make some extras to give as gifts.

Instructions to make cookie cutter candles at home are found on here…

How To Make Cookie Cutter Candles

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