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How To Make A Dream Pillow

By on March 22, 2015

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Anyone who uses essential oils and other natural sleep aids may want to use a dream pillow to help get to sleep at night. This pillow will be a great option to help you stay asleep throughout the night when you are constantly waking up and cannot fall back asleep. If you are familiar with chiropractic pillows used for neck support, then this type of pillow is similar.

A few basic supplies and some fabric are all that is needed to make your own dream pillow. If you know how to use a sewing machine, then this will be an easy task to complete. Another option is to make the pillow by using a no-sew design. This means replacing your sewing machine with a hem tape or double-sided tape to make a dream pillow.

The fabric material to use for your dream pillow can be found at any fabric store if you do not have the right type at home. Make sure to use cotton and not a nylon or other synthetic material. The reason is a pillow made from cotton will be better to help you sleep.

All natural products will be used to make a dream pillow at home. These can easily be found at various health stores that have the necessary herbs and filler material for your pillow. The amount you need for your pillow depends on the size you choose. A smaller pillow may be a better option than any making a pillow that is too large.

Making a dream pillow is similar to making a pillow case for a regular pillow. One detail that you need to keep in mind is to measure the fabric before cutting. You do not want to have a pillow that looks like it is lopsided if you want to make one as a gift.

Instructions to make your own dream pillow at home are found on here…

How To Make A Dream Pillow

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