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How To Can Strawberry Jam

By on March 1, 2015

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Making your own jam is a great way to have a topping for toast or biscuits. You have the option to use a store bought jam or make your own at home. The most common type of jam is strawberry. This will be a great option to use fresh strawberries or any you have frozen. Making strawberry jam is a good project to do on a weekend or when you have excess strawberries available.

There are a few basic details to know before you start making strawberry jam at home. There will be a few different materials and tools that are needed for this project. You may already have some necessary items in your kitchen. However, a trip to a grocery store or store that has kitchen supplies may be needed based on what you need to make strawberry jam.

Canning strawberry jam is a lot like making preserves. You will need glass jars and a pot that is big enough fit your jars. The reason a pot is needed is you need to sterilize the jars before being used. You will see that the process used to make a jam is similar to making jello. The reason is the various ingredients that will be needed.

Heat is an important element of this project. This means you will be using your stove when preparing the ingredients for your strawberry jam. You may also want to have a work area in mind when making jam at home. The material may be messy if you do not use the proper equipment.

Once your strawberry jam has cooled, then it can be put in your refrigerator or freezer. If you happen to make an extra amount of jam, then you may want to use it as a gift for a special occasion. You may also decide you want to keep it all to yourself.

A delicious strawberry jam recipe is available on here…

How To Can Strawberry Jam

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