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How To Arm Knit An Infinity Scarf In 30 Minutes

By on August 3, 2015

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Photo by: Handimania

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Are you interesting in the process of knitting, but think it is too tedious? You are in luck as you have an assortment of methods available to make various types of clothing and household items. One method you may want to learn is how to arm knit an infinity scarf.

Thirty minutes is all you need to arm knit an infinity scarf at home. This is a great way to make a new piece of clothing or accessory to wear when out in the cold. If you know how to tie and knot and make braids, then you will have no problems with this project.

You can arm knit an infinity scarf for yourself or to use as a gift. A scarf can be made using any colors of yarn you have available. A fun thing to do is mix and match to make something unique. And, of course, after you master arm knitting scarves, you can move on to other items like how to arm-knit a blanket in an hour.

Tools List

One set of hands

Materials List

Thick yarn (4 skeins)

How To Arm Knit An Infinity Scarf In 30 Minutes


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