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Homemade Watercolor Paints

By on March 10, 2015

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Craft paints that are advertised as being kid-safe will be water-based. However, they have an assortment of chemicals that are used to make the color of the paint. If you do not want to use paint that is store bought, then the best solution is to make your own water color paints at home. The process used to make this paint will be both easy and fun.

All the ingredients that are needed to make water color paints at home may already be in your kitchen. If you do not have a basic ingredient that is needed, then all you will need to do is take a trip over to a local supermarket. You may want to make a list of supplies you need to create water color paints if you need to stock up.

You will need to mix all of the ingredients for your water color paints carefully as some are likely to have a reaction that is unexpected. It will pay dividends to pay attention so a messy result does not occur. A few details for you to consider are the colors and the containers for your paints.

Food coloring is used to make each color for your water color paints. The amount you use will make a color lighter or darker. You may want to keep the paint you make in a special container. Basic ice cube trays are a great option to for an assortment of colors. However, you can also keep each of the colors in a small margarine container that has a lid.

The only tools you’ll need to make the water color paints at home is a whisk and mixing bowl. Creating your colors is as easy as adding the paint base to the ice cube trays or containers you want to use. The paint will need at least a day to fully dry and you’re ready to enjoy!

Instructions to make your own water color paints at home are on here…

Homemade Watercolor Paints

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