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Homemade Jalapeno Jelly Recipe

By on February 26, 2015

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Variety is the spice of life and having a tasty jam with a spicy kick is something you may want to consider as an option. If you like to use jam in a cooking sauce or topping on toast, then a homemade jam is the way to go. A homemade jalapeno jam is wonderful for anyone who likes things hot. All that you will need is the means to make your own jelly at home.

A homemade jalapeno jelly will not be difficult for you to make in your kitchen. You simply require the proper ingredients and kitchen accessories to complete this project. Heat will be used as the method for cooking your homemade jalapeno jelly. This means a suitable pot will be needed.

You will also need a knife to cut the peppers used to make your homemade jalapeno jelly. One thing to keep in mind is the containers needed for the finished product. A jam will require mason jars that have been washed and sterilized. Sterilizing is done by simply boiling all the cans and lids for a few minutes before use. A good place to find the mason jars for this project is at a local retail store.

The best option is stainless steel, but any pot you have will do. Once you are set with the accessories in your kitchen, then it is time to think about the ingredients. Fresh ingredients will be the best option and can easily be found at any local market. Most products for a homemade jalapeno jelly are organic.

Your homemade jalapeno jelly can be kept in the refrigerator or in your freezer. The amount of jelly to make is based on the supply to have on hand. You may want to make extra to use as a gift for a special occasion.

Instructions to make a tasty homemade jalapeno jelly are on here…

Homemade Jalapeno Jelly Recipe

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