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Homemade Honey Butter Recipe

By on February 14, 2015

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Making your own food at home is typically better than buying any store-bought product. You have more control over the ingredients being used and the amount being made. Products that you can get at a local grocery store often contain a lot of processed ingredients, such as sugar. One type item to make for your own use is a homemade honey butter.

The most important aspect of making homemade honey butter is getting all the ingredients you need to complete the project. You will not be converting honey into butter, but rather adding honey flavor to an existing butter. The ingredients to make homemade honey butter are available at any grocery store.

One detail that is crucial is the containers used to store the finished product. The best option is to use a variety of mason jars. However, the mason jars will need to be completely cleaned. You may also want to sterilize them by placing them in boiling water before packaging the homemade honey butter. Look for a variety of mason jars at any store that sells canning supplies. Small jars may work the best based on how much is being made.

If you are familiar with garlic butter, then homemade honey butter is very similar. However, the recipe used to make this product requires sugar. This may not be necessary as you can also add a substitute to replace the sugar component. The reason is refined sugar is not exactly the healthiest option.

Heat is needed to make homemade honey butter. This means you will need to have a sauce pan for this project. Another detail to note is the type of butter you need to use. The best option is to use any butter that is non-salted. Organic butter will be the best choice if you can find any at your local grocery store.

Instructions to make a homemade honey butter are on here…

Homemade Honey Butter Recipe

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