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Homemade Honey Body Wash

By on March 11, 2015

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One of the most common ingredients used to make homemade beauty products is coconut oil. Simple lotions and creams are two types of products that people can make at home. However, you have a variety of other options available. One of them is to make a honey body wash to use when you soak in a bath of take a shower.

A simple honey body wash you can make at home will use all natural ingredients. The ingredients you will use to make a body wash are easy to find, but you might need to look in a few different places. This wash will require ingredients you can find at a natural health store. If you cannot find everything that is needed to make a honey body wash locally, then you may need to look online.

One of the main benefits of this honey body wash is that it acts as a detox agent for your skin. This is a result of the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of the honey and other ingredients that you use to make this type of wash.

Heat is needed to properly mix all the ingredients for your honey body wash. The reason is the coconut oil needs to be warm to blend with the honey and other ingredients. If you try to blend all your ingredients at room temperature, then the consistency will not be correct. 

The honey hand wash you make will need to be placed in a suitable container. A basic pump bottle will be an ideal option as you can easily dispense the body wash when taking a bath or a shower. You can also use a plastic squeeze bottle. These can easily be found online or at most retail stores.

Instructions to make your own honey body wash are found on here…

Homemade Honey Body Wash

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