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Homemade Aftershave Recipe

By on November 21, 2014

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Men like to smell good. They want to smell good. And many men would welcome the chance to wear a wonderful homemade aftershave as long it’s scent is subtle, fresh, and masculine.

As men are becoming more proactive about choosing healthier beauty products for themselves, they’re still looking for the best products with the least expense. Homemade aftershave is great way to have a quality product with minimal expense. It’s a great gift for men, and it’s a great recipe for men to have on hand to make their own supply.

Homemade aftershave it not complicated or time-consuming to make. No professional artistry or chef-type skills are required. Anyone can do it. And, most ingredients needed for homemade aftershave typically can be found in many homes already, which means not much shopping is needed

Aftershave has all sorts of benefits for men. For one thing, it offers fragrance. And men that wear appropriately scented aftershave often don’t need any cologne since the aftershave will have them covered. Aftershave also can be beneficial for the skin in many ways. Some types of aftershave can act as moisturizers, while others can act as pore refiners. Truly efficient products like these will have multiple functions in one. Because men want to take care of their skin, too, it’s all the better to craft a homemade batch, so all the ingredients can be natural and organic to benefit the skin.

It’s always good to know about the exact ingredients in one’s personal hygiene products. Many people don’t even check the ingredients lists on the containers. When it comes to homemade aftershave, you will know exactly what goes into it, and you will be able to study individual ingredients.

Ready to make a batch of homemade aftershave for yourself or for a man in your life?  Get started making your own today with this Bay Rum recipe from here…

Homemade Aftershave Recipe

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