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Heart-Shaped Bird Seed Feeder

By on January 30, 2015

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Being one with nature does not necessarily mean being outside. Many people will be content staying in their home or perhaps on their deck on a typical beautiful day. One thing that people often enjoy is birds that come around an area. This means you can use nature as an inspiration for any Valentine’s gift like a bird seed feeder.

The Basics

You can make a simple bird seed feeder in various shapes. This includes a heart or other shape that can be found online or at any stores that sell baking supplies. A muffin tin will be the best option to make a special item, but cookie cutters can also be used to make a simple bird seed feeder. The most important aspect about making a bird seed feeder is having bird seed available. Bird seed can be found at any pet supply store and even at a local hardware store. You should also find seed that will attract certain types of birds.

The Details

There are a few crucial details to know when making any bird seed feeder. The first is letting the finished product dry out after it has hardened. This is done by putting the mold in your refrigerator overnight or for a few hours. The next thing to do is allow each side of the feeder items to fully dry. This prevents you from seeing an occurrence of mold. You can include string to easily hang it on a tree or from the side of your house. If you do not have some way to keep the feeder in place, then birds or other animals may try to steal it away.

The Benefits

As a Valentine’s Day gift, this heart-shaped bird seed feeder is perfect for bird and nature enthusiasts alike. It’s a beautiful and practical gift that will swoon your loves because they’ll know you took the time and care so make them something so wonderful.

Get stared making a bird seed feeder with directions from here…

Heart-Shaped Bird Seed Feeder

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