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Gummy Wine Hearts Recipe

By on January 29, 2015

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Gummy snacks are a popular treat for young kids. However, they may not have the kick that adults can appreciate, right? One reason may be the ingredients that are used to make them. Another thing about a variety of gummy treats is the inclusion of sugar and minimal amounts of nutrition. You can easily make your own gummy wine hearts as a snack that also will have many health benefits. Awesome! Plus, these heart-shaped gummies make for a thoughtful and unique Valentine’s Day gift for that someone special. Double-awesome!

The Basics

Gummy wine hearts are an adult snack that’s not meant for kids. This will mean the snack should not be kept where small children will think it is a treat. The main aspect about a snack made from wine is the flavor. You may want to make multiple batches of gummy wine hearts using any wine you have leftover before opening a new bottle. Or, you might want experiment with different kinds of wine.

The Details

Your gummy wine hearts will have a sweet flavor that is provided by a special ingredient – maple syrup. The trick to these gummy wine hearts is authentic maple syrup, so don’t ruin it by using an artificial kind.

Making gummy wine hearts is not a complicated process. Heat will be needed to make a batch. This means you will be using your stove to heat the gelatin that is needed for the “gummy” in your wine treats. One important detail about using heat is the wine will boil at 159 degrees. Over boiling will cause the alcohol to burn off. So make sure to have a thermometer handy and carefully watch the temperature.

Molds will be used to for the shape of your gummy wine hearts. You can easily find molds in the shape of hearts online and a various retail stores. However, any type of mold will work to form the shape that is desired. But for Valentine’s Day, splurge and make them shaped like hearts.

Complete directions to make these fantastic gummy wine hearts can be found on here…

Gummy Wine Hearts Recipe

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