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Giant Reusable Bubbles For Kids

By on February 5, 2015

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Bubbles come in many forms and does not necessarily need to be made from a liquid that runs out in a short amount of time. Many people may think of bubbles as something that is fun for bathtime or made from a liquid which is similar to soap. You can easily make reusable bubbles that are formed by simply adding a little bit of air.

If you are familiar with homemade making slime, then the process to make reusable bubbles is similar as the same ingredients are used. The main difference is the consistency of the material that results when a change is made to the recipe. Slime is essentially made by using a liquid starch and craft glue. 

Subtle changes that are made to the recipe used to make slime will produce reusable bubbles. This is a crucial point as you need to make sure the ingredients properly bond together. If you make any type of mistake, then a batch of goo may be the result. However, most mistakes can be corrected by increasing one or more ingredients to achieve the correct consistency.

Trial and error may be the method used to make reusable bubbles. However, this process can easily be shortened by testing the consistency as your progress. The most important thing to do is make sure the final product can hold its shape when air is added. A straw is the best item to use for adding air.

The homemade reusable bubbles that you can make from a simple slime recipe can be made into any size when enough air is added. This is similar to how a glass blower adds air to molten glass. However, bubbles can easily be remade if the wrong result occurs.

Instructions to make reusable bubbles can be found on here…

Giant Reusable Bubbles For Kids

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