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Gathering Apron Tutorial

By on February 17, 2015

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Most people who spend a lot of time baking or cooking should be familiar with an apron. These are used as a way to keep various debris from getting on your clothes. You may not know that aprons can also be used if you are outside picking apples or other items. The item you need for this is called a gathering apron and is something you can make at home.

Aprons can easily be found online or at many retail stores that sell house goods. However, many of the items you find may not be the right style or are really expensive. The best option if you are looking for a gathering apron is to make your own. This is something you may want to do as a craft project.

The basic concept of a gathering apron is having something that can be converted into a pouch. This is not a piece of clothing that has a pocket, but you might find one to be useful. The materials that you will need to make an apron at home can be found at any fabric store. However, you will need to have a durable fabric for a gathering apron if you want it to last.

Durable fabrics are a better option for a gathering apron as you may be collecting heavy items that can damage lesser quality fabrics. One thing you may find is the apron might need an inner and outer layer depending on your needs and any options included in the instructions.

A gathering apron is not something you can easily make using needle and thread. The fabrics will need to be stitched together by using a sewing machine. If you do not have a sewing machine, then you can often find a used one at a thrift store or by looking for items at local garage sales.

Instructions to make your own gathering apron are found on here…

Gathering Apron Tutorial

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