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Garden Hand Butter Recipe

By on February 13, 2015

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Anyone who is familiar with doing chores or various outdoor tasks often wear gloves. However, this is not always required based on task that needs to be completed. The downside to not wearing gloves is that a person’s hands may start to look “old’ over time. Some people may not see any benefits when using any over-the-counter lotions that are available. If this is the case, then a garden butter lotion may be a good option.

There are a few specific ingredients that are needed to make a garden butter lotion. The most important detail is knowing where to get the necessary ingredients. You can find most of the ingredients at a local health store or by purchasing items online. One crucial ingredient is essential oils.

The garden butter lotion you can make will provide many health benefits. This is due to the effects that you can see on your skin after just a few days of use. The reason this lotion is beneficial is your skin will become more nourished and smooth. You will need to apply this lotion at least once each day.

Heat is used to combine all the ingredients when making a garden butter lotion. This means you need a variety of utensils that should already be in your kitchen. A metal bowl or pan will be the best option to prepare the recipe for a homemade garden butter lotion.

You have many options to consider when making a homemade hand lotion. This is something you may use yourself or to make as a gift for family members or friends. One important detail to keep in mind is the jar or container to use for your garden butter lotion. A glass jar is the best option. Make sure that you wait for the lotion to fully cure or harden before using.

Instructions to make your own garden hard butter are on here…

Garden Hand Butter Recipe

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