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Frugal Dried Bean Soup Mix

By on March 1, 2015

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Many types of foods can be purchased in bulk quantities like dried beans. These are a great item to use when preparing various types of meals. One option is to use beans to make a homemade soup. You can easily make a dried bean soup by preparing the ingredients in advance. The result is having food that is easy to prepare when you need a suitable meal.

The process to make a dried bean soup begins with the ingredients that are needed. You can easily find a good selection of dried beans at a lot of local supermarkets. Another option is to look at markets with fresh fresh items for sale. Make sure you get the best type of beans for your dried bean soup.

All the ingredients needed for this project need to be set up properly. This includes adding them into an assortment of bowls as this is the best way to make sure each part is added correctly. You can use many types of containers for your dried bean soup. The best option is to use mason jars as you can see all the ingredients.

The most important detail about this project is your dried bean soup is not cooked. You will need a few minutes prep time when you are ready to make a meal. The reason is the beans need to be cooked if a meal is to turn out as expected. A slow cooker might be a good option to cook your soup as you need to add water to cook the beans.

Another aspect of dried bean soup is preparing a spice mix. This will be an extra element that provides the flavor for your soup. You might want to include a set of instructions with your soup if it is to be provided as a gift.

Instructions to make a homemade dried bean soup are found on here…

Frugal Dried Bean Soup Mix

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