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Family Memory Letter Blocks Tutorial

By on February 6, 2015

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Many types of craft projects can be done at home to create pieces of art and items that can be used as a display for family memories. One idea is to make family memory letter blocks. These are similar to letter blocks used by young children for play and learning. However, these blocks will be a special way to make something that is personalized.

There are many details that you need to consider for your family memory letter blocks. This will include a choice or letters for the words you want to display and the colors for each block. You also need images to put on all of your blocks. The images you choose to use will need to be printed to the necessary size to fit on your memory blocks.

The material to use to make custom family memory letter blocks is wood. You can use various types of wood for this project. However, balsa wood may be the best option. This wood can be found at various places that sell crafts or you may need to look online. Also, there are other materials you might need to make a set of family memory letter blocks.

You need to measure and cut the wood for each of your family memory letter blocks. This can be done using a miter saw. If cutting the wood yourself is not an option, then see if someone else can to do this task. The most difficult part of this project is all the preparation that will be required.

The family memory letter blocks you create can have many uses. You can use them as a decoration for the holidays, as a custom feature for one or more rooms in your house, or you may make some memory blocks to use as gifts for family and friends.

Instructions to make your own family memory blocks are on here…

Family Memory Letter Blocks Tutorial

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