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Easy DIY Concrete Paver Planters

By on May 8, 2015

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Many people choose to decorate a porch, deck, or garden space by adding planters for a touch of color and height variation. One option for a planter is to use clay pots or pots made from plastic. If you want an alternative solution, then consider making your own custom concrete paver planters.

The best thing about concrete paver planters is you can easily use leftover pavers from another project. If you do not have any pavers, then they only cost a few dollars to purchase. One thing that you need to make a set of planters is a frame that is built from wood.

You will use glue to secure the pavers to the frame for your concrete paver planters. There is no cement or mortar that is used for this project. A total of four pavers will be needed for each of the planters. The wood can be stained or painted to give your planters a unique look. Likewise, the pavers can be left in their natural state or painted.

Need some inspiration to design your first set of paver planters? The link below showcases twelve modern paver planters, a build list, and instructions.

12 Modern Paver Planters


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