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Draped Hypertufa Planter DIY

By on April 4, 2016

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draped hypertufa planter

Photo by: Kim’s Gardens

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Are you interested in making an outdoor planter by using hypertufa? Hypertufa is a product made from various types of organic material and cement. The result is a durable material that is similar to concrete and is perfect for a variety of garden projects. You can even make a draped hypertufa planter to add to your garden.

Material List

Portland Cement ( 2 Gallons)
Vermiculite (2 Quarts)
Peat Moss (2 Quarts )
Large Bin or Wheelbarrow
Rubber Gloves
Garden Shovel
Paint Cans
Plastic Sheet


Add the Portland cement, vermiculite, and peat moss into a large bin or wheelbarrow. You may want to sift the peat moss to remove large chunks or any foreign debris.

Mix the materials thoroughly by hand or you can use a tool like a garden rake. Make sure to put on the rubber gloves if you want to mix the materials by hand.

Add a bit of water to the material and mix with the garden shovel until it has the consistency of a pancake batter. You do not want any lumps.

Stack the paint cans about three high and cover with the plastic sheet. Dip the whole cloth in the hypertufa to wet it down thoroughly. Let the excess hypertufa dip off and then cover your plastic sheet. This will be the first layer of your draped hypertufa planter.

Part 1: DIY Draped Hypertufa Planter

Part 2

Part 3

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