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DIY Yard Yahtzee

By on February 15, 2015

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Board games that are played on a table indoors or outdoors can be supersized for children or a group of adults to play. One game that you can do this too is Yahtzee. There will be a few details about this game that will need to be known before is can be supersized. The result is the transformation from a game of regular Yahtzee into Yard Yahtzee.

There are a few basic components of the game of Yahtzee that are necessary when you want to create a Yard Yahtzee game. The most important is the dice. You can make the dice using wood or other type of material. Wood is the best option as it will hold up better over time and many games of Yard Yahtzee.

Most of the materials that are needed make the items needed for Yard Yahtzee can be obtained at home improvement store. However, you may need help to prepare the materials. The wood for the dice needs to be cut and will require the use of a saw. If you do not have a saw, then seek help from someone who does.

Another aspect of Yard Yahtzee is the container to toss the dice. A plastic cup is used for the table game and means another option is needed to play Yahtzee outside. The best option is to use something that is durable and will hold up after continued use.

You can make any adjustments to the game to meet your needs. This includes adding mats or using the surface of a driveway to roll the dice. Something hard is necessary to roll the dice for Yard Yahtzee as the grass in your yard may not work very well. You also need to find a way to keep score. This can be done by using a printable scorecard or other option.

Instructions to make Yard Yahtzee are found on here…

DIY Yard Yahtzee

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