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DIY Whiteboard For Organization

By on March 11, 2016

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diy whiteboard

Photo by: CharliMarieTV

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Are you looking for a way to keep organized in the kitchen or maybe in a craft room and need a way to display notes? A chalkboard is one great option, but you can also use a whiteboard. The best thing is, you can easily make a DIY whiteboard to use at home.


Picture Frames
Scrapbook Paper
X-Acto Knife
White Construction Paper
Black Construction Paper
Alphabet Letters
Washi Tape or Clear Tape
Fun Pictures
Whiteboard Markers

Basic Whiteboard Instructions:

Remove the back of the picture frame to access the glass as this will be used for the whiteboard. Make sure to keep the backing paper.

Place the backing paper on the scrapbook paper and trace is with a pencil. Cut the paper using a pair of scissors or use an x-acto knife to make a perfectly straight line.

Insert the paper into the frame and put it back together.

Weekly Organizer Instructions: 

Cut the white construction paper into squares to use for each day of the week. Label the squares with the alphabet letters.

Tape the squares onto the black construction paper with the washi tape or use clear tape. Cut the paper to the same size as the backing paper.

You can even add some fun pictures to make your organizer more personalized.

DIY Whiteboard For Organization

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