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DIY Thrifted Owl Lamp

By on February 18, 2015

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Many everyday objects can be made into art or functional items to use around the home. One option to consider is to make an owl lamp. This is a project that can be done by using a ceramic owl that you are likely to find at any local thrift store. A wooden owl can also be used for this DIY project. You might also look online for a suitable item.

The tools and accessories for this project can be found at a home improvement store. This will include any type of power drill and a white spray paint. The first thing to do once you have all the materials needed to make a DIY owl lamp is to apply paint. If you are not fond of white, than use any other color for the result you want for your owl lamp.

Spray paint should be used outside as you do not need to worry about any overspray. However, you do not need to add any paint at all if you want to skip this part of the project. The next thing to do is make a few holes for the electrical components that are needed. You will also need a lampshade to put on the owl lamp.

One important element of an owl lamp is the base. This can be made using a piece of wood or ceramic bowl. If you use a piece of wood, then it may need to be painted or stained. You can make the base the same color as the owl if you want.

Assembling the pieces of your owl lamp will require using glue or an epoxy. This will be important as you do not want your lamp to fall apart. You have the option to use this lamp in your own home or as a gift to have for a special occasion.

Instructions to make a DIY owl lamp are found on here…

DIY Thrifted Owl Lamp

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