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DIY Super Hero Clock (A Dollar Store Hack)

By on December 10, 2014

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If you enjoy creating things and putting things together then you will certainly enjoy the world of arts and crafts and the wide selection of things that people have managed to make and find useful in everyday life. It is now easier than ever to find simple, affordable materials and turn them into exciting new things through a few simple techniques.

More and more people are exploring the world of arts and crafts in order to design and build things that are of great use, and that will bring enjoyment to a wide range of individuals. With this helpful tutorial, we will look at the way in which you can modify a cheap clock from a home store and make it incredibly exciting. You can also design it with someone in mind if you know what their interests are. This will then make a great gift for them.

Building your own DIY Super Hero Clock so that it has been designed to your specifications is one way in which you can use your arts and crafts skills. This is an easy task do and does not cost anything or require any technical skills. The individual who is making the clock simply needs access to a computer with a color printer and some glue, scissors and a few tools in which to disassemble the clock.

The main factor in the project is to remove the image that is behind the clock and replace it with one that fits your interests. For example, the DIY Super Hero Clock could be a cartoon image of Batman. The image can actually be anything that you like so long as it fits well in a circular shape when it is glued to the inside of the clock.

The process is very simple and will be a great way to personalize a clock for some of the special people in your life. You will only need a few supplies, a little bit of know-how, and a sense of fun!

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DIY Super Hero Clock (A Dollar Store Hack)

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