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DIY Stump Wood Stools

By on March 2, 2015

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Seating for a patio or deck that may be lacking often means buying new furniture. However, you can make a variety of inexpensive seating by using materials already on your property. One idea is to use stools that can be made from wood logs. This is a great option to use logs left over from cutting down a tree. A simple set of wood stools is easy to make by using a few basic tools.

A log is a great item to use to make wood stools. The only thing you need to do is determine the best size for all your stools. This includes the height and the diameter. Make sure the logs you use for the stools you want to make will not easily tip. Two feet may be a good size for all of your wood stools.

Preparation will be crucial when making any wood stools at home. The most important detail to address is the shape of the log. You will need to have logs that are mostly straight. Stand all your logs upright to see whether or not they sit at an angle. Any logs that are not straight will not make good wood stools.

The next thing to do is decide if you want to leave the bark on the logs. Removing the bark allows you to stain or paint the logs to match the style of your patio or deck. This will also give you the chance to see if you want sand the logs smooth to have a finished piece of furniture.

This project will require the use of a few important tools. You need a saw to cut the logs and an assortment of bolts to attach the seat for your wood stools. A trip to a fabric store might be necessary if a different seat design is needed for each stool.

Instructions to make your own custom wood stools are found on here…

DIY Stump Wood Stools

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