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DIY Stress Relieving Swirling Nebula Bottles

By on December 20, 2015

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nebula bottles

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Are you looking for a fun way to use color as a decoration? One absolutely fascinating way to do this is to make nebula bottles. These are meant to be stress relieving as they look similar to a lava lamp. These are really simple to make by yourself or a group of young kids.

All you need to make your own nebula bottles is food coloring, cotton balls, and a few mason jars or an assortment of clear glass jars. Another option is to use small shot glasses depending on the size for your nebula creations. Having a selection of various sizes could make a really interesting display.

Nebula bottles can also be a perfect gift for a birthday or any holiday. If you use small bottles, you may be surprised that they can make a perfect necklace. Simply add some cork to the top of your bottles and add a ring to attach a metal chain.

Instructions to make your own swirling nebula creations is available on here…

DIY Stress Relieving Nebula Bottles

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